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The next generation employee engagement and performance platform

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Tipando developed a revolutionary cloud-based platform for providing a snapshot of the company's DNA and provides coaching recommendations to increase employee motivation and performance. The automated platform is based on leading and scientifically proven personality assessment methods. On top of that, it runs an advanced  coaching system, that provides actionable personalized coaching recommendations and tips, that significantly increase employee motivation and improve their performance. It also helps turn good managers into great leaders.



People are not the same. Each of us is motivated and driven differently, have different strengths and therefore have different ways to optimize our performance. Creating a highly engaged workplace, with employees that feel appreciated and valuable is one of the biggest challenges in everyday life. This is becoming even more complex with the current trend of employees working-from-home (WFH). The “secret sauce” of coaching each employee, personally, has been provided, until now, by personal coaches – a process that is not scalable across the organization. The “heavy-lifting” falls on the managers, who are rarely equipped with the right tools to coach each employee according to his/her unique personality and capabilities. This negatively impacts the employee engagement and motivation. It also slows down team performance improvement.



We designed the Tipando system to be fully automated and “no-hassle’ to provide great value for the employees, their managers and the organization.

The organization fills in the list of employees / managers and their email addresses. T​hat’s it!

From there, the Tipando system takes over and does all of the work:


The employees are invited to fill in the assessment questionnaire (this takes about 30 min). Reminders are sent to the employees to fill in the assessment questionnaire.


The Tipando Manager Coaching tool sends each manager a list of actionable recommendations and insights that help him/her to motivate, empower and develop each of their employees. The recommendations also include specific suggestions on how to best manage the employee while working-from-home (WFH). The manager can use the insights and recommendations in their team meetings and for employee development in their 1-1 meetings.


Once completed, the Tipando Employee Coaching tool sends each employee a list of ​actionable recommendations and tips based on their unique strengths.

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The Tipando DNA tool sends the CEO and other C-level managers a snapshot of the company's DNA on how to increase employee engagement and performance across the organization

Modern Office


At Tipando, we believe that for any company to thrive and succeed, it needs to make their employees the center of its business. In working with many of the world’s great companies to improve organizational performance, we’ve learned that in order to become a successful company, employee motivation and performance should continuously be improved and their managers must become more effective coaches. Therefore, there is a need to provide each employee and manager, an ongoing closed-loop, personal coaching, and feedback. We developed the next generation employee engagement and performance platform.

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An experience-led activity based on strengths that brings employees together with their natural abilities and skills.

Tipando Active
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Tipando Active is the only activity that is designed and adapted to the personal DNA of each employee and allows them to understand their uniqueness and turn it into an advantage.
When we deeply understand what motivates us and what we are good at - we can generate openness, understanding, cooperation and trust that build a stronger and more cohesive team, thus increasing the success of the organization in order to deal with every challenge.

How It Works?

Pre-activity - The employees fill out a short personality questionnaire and discover their strengths.

The activity - The employees come to a highly active experience-based team building activities. The Tipando team accompanies the activities through, where the employees are exposed to, share and apply their natural strengths and skills for their benefit and the benefit of the organization.

After the activity - The activity gives employees and managers tools and recommendations for follow up actions on how they can discover the potential of their natural talents. Through these principles they can get to know the differences between the team members and understand that the uniqueness of everyone brings tremendous advantage.

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Tipando Active offers a variety of activities tailored to each organization and each challenge.

We offer: half-day, full-day or two-day workshops - depending on the needs and the goals of the organization.
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