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Academic Institutions

Tipando offers tailored programs to help students at leading academic institutions develop their strengths-based management skills and find a career path that best suits their talents and strengths. We also offer mentoring in excellence programs to strengthen self-esteem.

If you're an academic institution looking for:

● Investing in your students, providing them mentorship and practical tools to gain greater
efficiency, and developing them as leaders.

● Connecting students to their best-fit career and workplaces.

● Providing students with strength-based career development tools

● Investing in your employees and academic staff, providing them practical tools to gain
greater efficiency and development.

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Customer Story


Unlocking Student Potential: A Catalyst for Change in Higher Education

Navigating a Pivotal Transition

Students, as a part of their academic path, need guidance on leadership, communication, self-marketing, and other critical professional development skills to help them transition successfully from academics to their careers. The Center also recognized the need to equip its own academic staff with enhanced professional development resources to enrich their teaching and maximize their contributions to student growth.

Personalized Assessments Tailored to Student Growth

The Outstanding Program at the Peres Academic Center, including Orit Amir's personalized assessments using the Birkman Method, provided the necessary training and insights these students needed. Orit administered questionnaires and held one-on-one feedback sessions with each student to analyze their personality traits, abilities, and potential growth areas. She then led them through practical leadership workshops tailored to their individual analysis results.

Sharon Ouziely Mirsky, (Ph.D)
Peres Academic Center
Unlocking Potential for Career Success

Orit’s unique implementation of the Birkman Method served as a catalyst for transformational personal and professional growth among students. The program’s assessments illuminated individual strengths and expanded career possibilities tailored to innate talents. With infectious optimism, Orit facilitated profound internal shifts empowering students to boldly pursue optimized leadership paths. Students gained clarity and direction, often dramatically realigning their mindsets and futures after engaging with Orit’s thoughtful analysis. Her collaboration made the Outstanding Program a pinnacle model for developing the next generation of fulfilled leaders.

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You are a source of inspiration for the students who get to meet with you.

Learning with you is at the deepest level. You give strength and empower people. You enter the hearts of those who hear you and leave them with curiosity and a desire to learn more and more about themselves.

Ofra Elul


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