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The applications supported in Organizations and Enterprises:

Organizational DNA Mapping
for increasing effectiveness and efficiency
Talent acquisition & Behavioral assessment
for improvement of hiring decision-making processes
Employee Onboarding
through a manager-employee assessment
Leadership Development
from A to Z
Team Building
for play better together
Executive Coaching
for managers transition into leaders
Conflict Resolution
through practical tools

If you're an organization or enterprise looking for:

● Investing in your senior managers, providing them with practical tools to gain greater
efficiency and develop them as leaders.

● Increase efficiency by helping employees to be more motivated, proactive, and satisfied.

● Recruit the best candidates, depending on the organization's DNA, managers, teams,
and positions.

● Tools for conflict resolutions in teams and management.

● Employee evaluation and feedback tools for managers

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Customer Story


The Key to Browzwear Success: How Tipando Helped Us Build Our Dream Team

Struggling to Find the Right Fit

Browzwear was struggling to find the right people to recruit who would join our fast-paced tech company. We wanted not just the skills but people who would fit our culture and work well with managers and teams.

Assessments Reveal Hidden Depth and Compatibility

Orit Amir and Tipando provided assessments and tools to deeply understand potential and current employees. We used specialized tests to reveal strengths, weaknesses, and compatibility. Workshops also uncovered how teams could better collaborate.

Boosted Hiring, Integration, Collaboration and Confidence

Hiring and integration improved dramatically. Managers feel more assured even with remote employees. People feel happier, valued and work together as a family. We're confident and cohesive to take on future challenges. Orit and Tipando's programs were game-changing for our hiring and unlocking our people's potential.

Lee Gal (Director)

Orit brought light to one of the most treacherous corners of global enterprises.  the individual as a human being represents a whole world behind and within him. With her guidance and tools, we were able to empower, educate, invest and praise our employees for whom they are - individuals filled with powers, ideas, hopes, dreams and most importantly strengths. Orit’s ability to deliver those insights as small gifts into the organization made a huge impact to the entire team and of course for each individual. It was not taken for granted that we managed to see through her process each one of them in his/her unique and special way.

Joel Bar-El
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