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Personal Development

Tipando provides management, employee, and individual programs customized to the needs, goals, and challenges of each individual. Our programs accelerate growth, improve well-being, and transform careers based on strengths. As part of the program, goals are identified, needs are mapped, and a plan is developed to achieve these goals. In-person or online sessions are available using unique development tools.


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If you are:

● Seeking tools to gain greater efficiency and develop as a leader.

● A manager or employee looking to upgrade your toolbox, empower your strengths and
leverage them at work, and enhance your effectiveness with a development tool.

● A student who wants to discover his strengths and choose a career that suits him and
his strengths.

Reach out to us!

Customer Story


Uncovering My True Potential: My Journey of Self-Discovery with Tipando

Rat Race Lost: The Challenge

As a senior manager at a leading Israeli law firm, I was overwhelmed navigating an unprecedented surge in workload during the COVID pandemic. During this time, I struggled to find meaning amid chaos, and my quest for life balance through unconventional activities provided only temporary relief. Achievements that once defined my success now weigh heavily as unrest grew.

Uncovering Hidden Potential Through Assessments

My transformation began when I started sessions with Orit Amir at Tipando. Using Gallup and Birkman assessments, Orit uncovered hidden facets of my personality over several months of highly engaging Zoom calls. Her mentoring reignited my creativity, while Tipando's structured approach provided the insights I needed to embrace my qualities.

Nimrod Vroman (CEO)
Unleashing Innovation and Growth

I gained a profound awareness of my natural competitiveness, visionary nature, and ambition. Instead of challenges, I now see these traits as strengths invigorating my work and life. Orit's practical strategies transformed my perspective, enabling me to innovate and grow through once burdensome tasks. I discovered harmony between professional and personal fulfillment.


I am lucky to have met Orit and to have been under her guidance. Her help consists of the rarest of combinations: she's a super professional, who skillfully drops the academics in her profession and replaces them with direct and sometimes bold advice, all while managing to bring to life extremely useful tools and platforms to enhance her insights and validate her approach; she does this while still remaining pleasant and positive and instills a lot of confidence in the executives she works with.

Nimrod Vroman
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